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Main Home Insurance in the UK

* Our Policy will also cover you if you plan to let your home out during Wimbledon or any other sporting events etc.

House insurance offers essential protection for the family residence from a range of risks such as flooding, fire or break-ins.

Many people invest a lot in their homes - financially as well as emotionally - and finding the correct insurance offers opportunity to spend more time enjoying the good things a house can bring and less time worrying about the bad.

Intasure covers all sorts of homes all over the UK, from city flats to semi-detached in the suburbs, cosy terraces and even bungalows. So, for peace of mind, take out Intasure home insurance policy today.

Specially designed buildings and contents cover for home owners in the UK.


  • Property can be left unoccupied
  • Automatically insured up to £1M
  • *24 hour Emergency property assistance
  • Single article limit £10,000
  • Jewellery limit £50,000
  • Very competitive rates
  • All risk cover (option)

Save up to 35% risk-related discount with Intasure

*24 hour emergency property assistance available when you take buildings and contents cover together.

This provides you with a summary of the cover. For precise details of cover, including the conditions and exclusions that apply, the policy document itself should be referred to.

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Foreign Property Insurance Abroad

Foreign Property Insurance abroad is a fundamental aspect of buying foreign property abroad and should never be overlooked. Whether exclusively for personal use or as an income-generating letting prospect, a foreign holiday home can bring many benefits. However, foreign property needs tailored protection from risks such as explosions or malicious vandalism as well as natural perils like storms and hurricanes. For example, damage resulting from a house hit by lightning can stretch into several hundred pounds. For peace of mind providing the opportunity to fully enjoy foreign property, insurance is indispensable.

Overseas holiday home insurance

When buying an overseas holiday home it is important to exercise the same caution one might when buying property in the UK, and holiday home insurance offers essential protection, wherever the property. Overseas property ownership has grown by almost 90 per cent since 2001, with industry estimates pointing to around 425,000 UK-owned properties overseas. But whether the property is made available for holiday letting or left periodically unoccupied, it is important to have the right overseas holiday home insurance to offer you peace of mind all year round.

Spanish Property insurance in Spain

While many people dream of a place in the sun, it is a wise idea to take out specialised holiday home insurance. Spain is a prime location for overseas buyers thanks to its reliable weather, beautiful scenery and lively culture. However, Spanish property is at risk from the same issues that affect much of the rest of the world, such as storm damage and the risk of fire or break-ins. If disaster should strike, holiday home insurance offers an assurance that homeowners will be able to recover the damages caused.

Holiday home insurance in Spain

An overseas holiday home in Spain can be a wonderful getaway as well an excellent investment, and holiday home insurance offers vital protection for the property. Spain is an especially sought-after location, where temperatures in summer can hit as high as 28 degrees C. But imagine the damage that could be caused by an accidental overflow of steam or liquid from a faulty air conditioning system. Further, if any parts of the house crack or suffer water damage because of the overflow, holiday home insurance will pay for the repair.

French Holiday Home Insurance

Holiday home insurance in France will ensure a property is prepared for any eventuality. Whether it is used for work, holiday, as an investment - or even all three - buying a holiday home in France is an increasingly popular choice. In fact, a recent survey revealed most people thought France offered the best quality of life in Europe. But if the property is likely to be unattended for any length of time, it is important to have the right cover. So take out specialised holiday home insurance in France and say 'bonjour' to peace of mind.

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