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Classic British Holiday Picnic

Summer; long happy days with friends and relatives, some sunshine, some rain, the verdant countryside, cricket, and with it all the classic British Picnic. What better sojourn than supine in a secluded spot, sunshine smiling down and just one question to contemplate: mini scotch egg or cocktail sausage?

Or something else entirely? Such is the versatility of the picnic it allows for almost endless combinations, and almost endless destinations too: in the garden of your holiday home, on the beach or a wooded glade. Why not swap out your sandy sandwich for a cool quinoa salad or pimp up you picnic with pimms? Let your imagination fly, and don’t be afraid to be decadent. Really decadent. Crayfish with chilli and lime decadent, strawberries and champagne decadent. Delicate goujons ready for dunking with dips, chips and crisps.  Don’t just have potato salad, have the best potato salad with soft potatoes, creamy mayonnaise and tangy gherkins. It is after all your picnic, and how often do we get to celebrate summer?

It would be an affront not to pull out all the stops, with the blanket, the hamper the cutlery and the company. The plastic cups and finger nibbles, the hijinks the drive the walk and the laughs. Each element enjoyed and enjoined across the day. An affirmation of what it is to eat outside, and eat well. Then when everyone’s had their fill and tuppaware tidied back inside the hamper, produce, as if by magic, a cake and another bottle of wine.


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