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Insurance for Mixed Use Premises (Commercial & Residential)

Why choose insurance for your mixed use property with Intasure?

Intasure have specific knowledge when it comes to arranging insurance for buildings that are a mixture of commercial & residential use. If you are the landlord or freeholder of a property that has, for example, a shop, office or business on the ground floor and flats above; our commercial mixed usage policy will be suitable for your needs.

This type of policy is often difficult to obtain with many insurers refusing to offer cover because of the mixed nature of commercial & residential use. As a freeholder or landlord of this type of property, you will need to ensure that you have a suitable policy covering the building, especially, if the residential units are sold on leases. The leaseholders of these premises will need to demonstrate to their mortgage providers that adequate building insurance is in force covering a range of perils as specified in the Council of Mortgage Lenders handbook. If you are simply renting the residential portion of the building, then we can help you with Landlords Contents insurance if required.

Our mixed use premises block insurance policy is suitable for; management companies, freeholders, landlords, property factors, individuals or groups of individuals.

We can cover a wide range of commercial premises. We have our own in-house underwriting team and quotes can be provided quickly and efficiently. We have a call back facility making it easy if you require a quotation or have a query. We pride ourselves on the speed in which we issue documentation.

Benefits of obtaining your Commercial Building Insurance (mixed usage) from Intasure.

  • We have many years of expertise; providing specialist cover to property owners, private & commercial, in the UK and overseas.
  • Your enquiry will be professionally handled in the UK.
  • Competetive quotes with a quick and easy telephone call-back service.
  • Our team take pride in their responsiveness and customer care, ensuring you have the correct up-to-date cover, handling claims efficiently and answering questions promptly & accurately.
  • No claims discount available.
  • Most types of commercial building can be covered with the residential flats either sold on leases or rented to tenants.

Intasure Commercial Building Insurance Includes comprehensive cover for:

  • Buildings, fixtures & fittings.
  • Rebuilding cost covers post-loss inflation.
  • Index linked values (as required by lenders).
  • Loss of rent following a claim.
  • Property Owners Liability (including communal parts) & legal costs.

Intasure is a Specialist in Mixed Use Property Insurance.


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*This provides you with a summary of the cover. For precise details of cover, including the conditions and exclusions that apply, the policy document itself should be referred to.

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