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What is TCIP – Turkish Natural Catastrophe Insurance Pool?

Compulsory Earthquake Insurance provided by the Turkish Government, is insurance to ensure the compensation of the material damages on dwellings caused by Earthquakes and the fires, explosions, tsunami and landslide that are caused directly by the earthquake and within the limits of your policy.

DASK Insurance is compulsory for all home owners in Turkey.

Intasure can arrange the DASK Insurance on your behalf

In order to obtain a quotation for you, we require:

  • A copy of your TAPU (Title deeds)
  • Passport numbers for all those named on the TAPU
  • Turkish Tax Reference numbers for all those named on the TAPU
  • The size of your property in m2 (including any balconies and terraces)
  • The full Turkish address of the property
  • A live Intasure Holiday Home Policy must exist for the same address


Intasure exclude cover for damages caused by Earthquake unless there is a valid DASK Insurance policy in place.

*DASK excludes:

  • Debris removal costs
  • Losses which are not caused by Earthquake
  • Loss of rent
  • Non-material damages

*For full terms, conditions and exclusions relating to DASK Insurance, please refer to the DASK website: